After a lot of experimenting and, again, a lot of stuff Amazon in and Reverb out.

Our current setup consists of two Harbinger sound arrays. An MLS800 and an MLS900. Use one, or both depending on the size of the room. Monitor is a Harbinger powered wedge speaker. No it’s not Bose, but it’s darn close for a lot less money. Kay runs the Kay bass through a 500W Ampeg combo.

I feed everything straight into the MLS-900 for mixing, for bigger setups we have a Yamaha mixing panel and a snake to get it away from the stage. Mics are AKG D5’s. Best mic under $100 in my opinion. Nice and hot, and we sound good through them. 

Last but not least, we like to sit but we want to be up enough to see the audience. So I took two TAMA drum thrones, replaced the center shaft with a 2′ solid stainless rod, added two boat steering wheels as foot rests and added back rests. Comfortable, can be disassembled when needed, and sturdy.