Guitar, keys, percussion vocals

Keys….. Korg-N1 Originally used to record the CD “Oscar” in 2001…. More here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/oscar


Lots of guitars. It’s a disease chasing after the perfect one. Of course we know that at the end of the day it’s all in the fingers. Clapton can make a $50 guitar sound good, but hey…. Not all gear stayed. I now have “preferred seller” status on Reverb.com getting rid of the instruments, pedals, sound gear and other things I tried and didn’t use after that.

So, after starting out with a cheap Ibanez acoustic (long gone) I bought a Martin 000-15M Streetmaster. I liked the look, and when I played it in the store the sound was, and still is, amazing. Can’t push it too hard, but nice and quiet it is sweeter than honey. Something about that Mahogany.

Then I came across a bargain on Craigslist. Martin D-16 GT. Turns out there’s a reason it was a bargain. Martin had some trouble with the top coat on the top separating from the sealer in the early 2000’s. Told me so when I brought it in, but since I wasn’t the original owner they couldn’t fix it. Did give me a free tune up while I took the tour to make me feel better. But, it plays and sounds pretty darn Martin good, so a re-finish is in progress. (Note the white blotching)…..

Then I drifted towards nylon, a Martin 000C-Nylon crossover to be exact. A bit more spacing at the (radius) neck than a steel, but not the surf board that is the classic, and a lot easier on the fingers.

Liked it so much I had Martin build me one in all Mahogany. One of one in existence as far as I know…..VERY sweet instrument.

Still stuck with the nylon until I took the 00015M with me for a weekend to an SCA event. By the time I got home I was, again, in love with steel. And still much in love with Mahogany. So I found a really nice D-15M on Reverb for a good price…. Put some K&K minis in there which, together with the Behringer ADI21 DI are the current main stay of my sound in the duo.

On the pure electric side there’s some feelers come, and gone. Nothing that has really set in yet.