Check out our demo recording here: Wooden Shoe/Just Dropped In. And, there’s a bunch of videos HERE. Find us on Facebook under “Wooden Shoe”…. look for the logo:


Wooden Shoe is available to play your restaurant, happy hour, backyard party or RV rally… (done that….) We play the music that came out on vinyl in the sixties and seventies with a few forays in later period. Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Arlo Guthrie… but also Gomez, Radiohead, REM….. you get the idea. 

Space: Our absolute minimum is 8’x8′ or 10’x6’…. more is, of course better. For bookings call us at 610-751-2019, find us on FB or use the “Contact” button above.

Pic from the backyard Pig Roast in Allentown, PA on September 14th. 200 people, a metric crap ton of booze and an all around good time. We almost weren’t loud enough…. 🙂



We were featured artist at the Steel Stacks/Artsquest in Bethlehem open mic on June 13th 2019 . 


LCP, near Allentown PA….. May 2019 picture of the Leather Corner Post Open mic…..Every Wednesday when we’re in town!


Full length gigs, three nights, at the May 2019 Berkshire Buddies Rally (motor home gathering) in Bay St. Louis MS……

Shot from Len Mooney’s open mic at the Broadway Pub in Bangor, PA…. early 2019