An ongoing quest. Yes percussion adds, a lot. And it helps to keep us “in the pocket” (Assuming the percussionist is lol). But we don’t want another band member. The beauty of being a couple and a duo is that the whole scheduling things is SOOOO much easier. And, we’re always having a band meeting. Musically and technically we can grow, together. Of course the fact that we get along with each other really helps. In any case, we don’t need a third wheel.

So…. drummer in a box. More gear Amazoned in and Reverbed out. Drum boxes, Drummer in a computer, experimenting to find the right sound. Although technically superb the over the counter drummers do sound a little, well, pre fab.

Then the loop. Already looping the guitar for solos I decided to add a percussion looper as it would be US playing the percussion. But wait, they have to be in synch…. otherwise they slowly digress their tempi. I can’t tell you how maddening that is. So, short version is that we ended up with the Boss RC-300 triple looper. Once you get your head around it it’s a pretty amazing piece of equipment. So in the end we pre-record loops with the djembe, a table top electronic drum kit, and an assortment of percussion instruments, Then we went back and added some tracks here and there with the built in percussion of the RC-300. One or two percussion loops with the third loop for the rhythm guitar during the solos. In the end it is a nice variety of percussion, and as said it keeps us in the pocket. The foot work can get, eh, interesting. Here a few shots of “the studio” and O on the djembe.


This is the Yamaha table top drum kit. Pretty amazing kit for around $200. I can lay down a pretty nice groove, just can’t do all the parts at once (yet). So, layer it up with the RC-300 and I get to where I want to be. I did get a real electric pedal for the kick drum…. those little switch thingies are not cutting it…..

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 11.53.39 AM.png