An ongoing quest. Yes percussion adds, a lot. And it helps to keep us “in the pocket” But we don’t want another band member. The beauty of being a couple and a duo is that the whole scheduling things is SOOOO much easier. And, we’re always having a band meeting. Musically and technically we can grow, together. Of course the fact that we get along with each other really helps. In any case, we don’t need a third wheel.

We tried a LOT of different things. A Boss RC-300 triple looper with recorded drum sections. Played on a Yamaha electronic drum kit and recorded with Djembe and noise makers. A lot of work. And not perfect. After several false starts we are now using backing tracks. Created on Garage Band using the EZ-Drummer (it isn’t, it’s a TON of work as in easily 10 hours per song) plug in. Also recording the rhythm guitar in there so I don’t have to mess with a looper pedal live. Bad news is, if you get off track you are screwed. It ain’t waiting for you. But it sounds pretty good. And you can easily record yourself on top for a full song recording…. there’s some here: