HyVibe RainSong

So as described HERE, after a litany of guitars come and gone I have ended up very happily playing RainSong guitars. Now, the loop(er) is an integral part of the music I play. You know, verse 1, chorus, verse 2 (record while playing), chorus, solo over the recorded verse, etc. etc. Standard rock and roll format. However often I’m just wanting to bring a guitar and I don’t want to schlepp pedals and an amp and cables and power supplies. So then I discovered the HyVibe system. This is awesome. Two activators inside the guitar turn the thing into a speaker. Built in effects, a looper and you can even use it as a Bluetooth speaker and play your backing tracks through it.

Alas, it came exclusively in a French Lag guitar. Simple wood guitar, nice but not my thing. I wanted this in a RainSong! I tried to talk RainSong into offering this, but even though they agreed it was way cool, it wasn’t going to happen. (Money says it will at some point as EVERYONE will be doing this. It’s THAT cool.) Here is the Lag shown sans strings for a better look inside.

So then I got very close to ripping the system out of my Lag, putting regular sound in it and reselling it and using the system in my RainSong… but doing that to a $1000 guitar is a bit much. Then HyVibe came out with the guts for sale to “Qualified installers, please fill out this form to apply”, which I did. Crickets. Slowly there were a few US guitar stores coming on line. And then, out of the blue, a store was selling them on Reverb. “You must have this installed by a qualified luthier”. Sure, I promise. Not sure where/how they got it but they sent me one $398.- SCORE. (No documentation of ANY kind included…..hmmmm.)

So the next move was to carefully remove the electronics from my RainSong.

Then the install. Connections no problem. One extra hole to be drilled. Pickup, also no problem. Very similar under the bridge pickup. The control box…. aaah…. challenge #1. Guitars are curved. So manufacturers curve the electronics to match a certain guitar. HyVibe did for the Lag. Except the curves on the RainSong are MUCH sexier……

And the original electronics were larger:

So, an adapter piece was needed. I will spare you the various attempts and hours spent making them. In the end I settled on………..

To be continued.